460+ - Our Story


A lot of great stories have started on the Hill. The Razorback Foundation has the privilege of helping shape 460+ of those stories every year because of members like you.

460 is a number that represents the past, present and future of excellence in Razorback athletics, and so many of our former Razorbacks have used their experiences as athletes and students to become successful in life. 460+ is our way of telling their stories to our members who continue to provide opportunities for current student-athletes to realize their dream of excelling in the classroom and in competition.

These are a few of their stories. And because of YOU, we are continuing to create experiences of greatness for young men and women who will leave here prepared to make their mark on this world and represent all of us with integrity, pride and passion.

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460+ Video Feature: Stephanie Erwin

Sport: Women’s Track & Field
Years on the team: 2005-2009
Accolades: Two time all-American, USTFCCCA all-Mideast Region, 3 time SEC Honor Roll
Academic Major(s): Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Physical Education Teacher
Hometown: Mount Ida, Arkansas




460+ Athlete Feature: Hannah Renno (McLeod)

2006 SEC Community Service Scholarship, 2006 NCAA Leadership Conference Participant, 2006 H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-Athlete Finalist, 2003 and 2005 Team Captain, 2004 - 2006 SEC Honor Roll, 2003 - 2006 NACGC/W Scholar-Athlete, 2003 Arkansas Gymnastics Co-Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Fall 2004 Academic Champion
Fall 2002, Spring 2004, Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Athletic Director’s List

Hannah Renno (McLeod)What sport did you play?


What years were you on the team?

2002 through 2006

Why did you become a Razorback?

It was the first year of the Arkansas gymnastics team. I considered many schools with teams that were well established, but starting something new seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a risk worth taking.

What was your favorite class as a student-athlete?

Ballroom dance! It was a welcomed relief from my pre-med courses, and introduced me to a new hobby that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

What three words describe being a Razorback?

Pride, ambition, and optimism

When you watch current teams compete how does it feel to see the Razorback logo?

My competition days in Barnhill Arena seem like yesterday—and like an eternity ago—all at once. It’s gratifying to see how much the team has accomplished in thirteen seasons.

What is your current position?

I am a pediatrician at Tennessee Pediatrics in Nashville, TN. I am also a mommy to three little boys, ages 4, 2, and 1.

What was your major?

B.S. in Biology

Being a former student-athlete how does your experience help you in your current position now?

Gymnastics taught me what hard work is. It’s time consuming. It’s physical pain. It’s sometimes scary. It’s repetition, and refinement of skills, and receiving feedback, and continually finding new ways to improve. It’s doing more than your body wants to, and training your mind to be steadfast and focused, no matter how you “feel”. And when the practice is over and the competition arrives, it’s the exhilaration of fulfilling your potential. Those experiences have shaped me.
To accomplish my athletic goals while also reaching my lifelong academic goal (of getting into medical school) was a tremendous gift. The diligence that it required has served me well during my eight years of medical training.

Why do you think it is important to give back to the Razorbacks?

Generous gifts from very generous people allowed me to accomplish my dream of competing in the NCAA, all while getting a first rate education. Those gifts provided a state-of-the-art training facility and all the resources we could need as student athletes. Such generosity has changed many young lives, and will continue to do so for years to come.

What was your favorite part about being a Razorback?

I loved that Fayetteville was truly a college town. I enjoyed the wonderful sense of community and the pervasive enthusiasm for the Razorbacks. I also truly believe we have the best mascot in the NCAA!

What is your favorite tradition?

Let’s just say my 2-year-old and 4-year-old know how to Call the Hogs!

What qualities as a former student-athlete make you stand out at your current job?

As a pediatrician, I am constantly needing to prioritize my time wisely, find ways to be more efficient, and strike a balance between obligations to work, family, and myself. Four years as a student-athlete prepared me well for this juggling act!

What does it mean when people say the Razorback family?

It means we know the beauty of the Ozarks, the silhouette of Old Main, the history of Senior Walk, and all the words to the best fight song out there. And it means that if you’re wearing Razorback gear, no matter where in the world we meet, we’re instantly friends.



460+ Video Feature: Dr. Jim Counce

Sport: Men's Basketball
Years on the team: 1975-1978
Accolades: An Academic All-American in 1978 when the Razorbacks played in the Final Four. Inducted in the University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor in 2009.
Academic Major(s): Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee




460+ Athlete Feature: Kevin Lazas

Kevin LazasWhat sport did you participate in as a Razorback?

Track & Field

What years were you on the team?

2010 through 2014

Why did you become a Razorback?

I became a Razorback because of the history and success we have had as a team in the past. I wanted to be a part of something special, and being on the most decorated team in NCAA history sounded special to me.

What three words describe being a Razorback?

Pride, Family and Winning

When you watch current teams compete, how does it feel to see the Razorback logo?

It brings me back to the days when I was wearing that same jersey. I still get butterflies in my stomach for the guys out there competing. It reminds me that I will be a part of the Razorback family for life.

What was your major at the University of Arkansas?


What was your favorite class as a student-athlete?

Financial Real-Estate Principals

What is your current position?

I am an Associate Sales Representative for Stryker.

What qualities of a former student-athlete make you stand out in your career?

My drive, work ethic and determination for all that I do.

How is your experience as a student-athlete helping you in your career?

Being an athlete helped me learn to work harder than anyone around me, and to put in as much time as I needed to be successful.

Why do you think it is important to give back to the Razorbacks?

I know that my time here would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the people that believed in and supported me. I want to be able to give other athletes the same opportunity and experience that I had.

What does "the Razorback family" mean?

It means so much to me knowing that I am part of the same family as so many incredible people. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience here as a Razorback, and I look forward to cheering them on for the rest of my life.



460+ Video Feature: Gena Johnson Bumgarner

Sport: Golf
Years on the team: 2001-2005
Accolades: Member of the 2005 National Golf Coaches Association All-Scholar Team, Arkansas Athletics Department Honor Roll for several semesters, SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2003 and 2005, played in 29 events with a 79.12 career stroke average, team made four NCAA Regional and two NCAA Championship appearances
Academic Major(s): Business Administration (Marketing major)
Hometown: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Parents: Lavada and Gene Johnson




460+ Athlete Feature: Dee Dee Brown-Campbell

Dee Dee BrownWhat sport did you participate in as a Razorback?

Women’s Track & Field

What years were you on the team?


Why did you become a Razorback?

I’m from Arkansas and grew up a fan of ALL Razorback athletics. I was also extremely impressed by the accomplishments of the track and field teams at the U of A.

What degree did you receive at the University of Arkansas?

B.S.Ed. in Kinesiology (’02); and M.Ed. Recreation and Sport Management (’03)

What three words describe being a Razorback?

Tradition, Dedication and Family

What was your favorite part about being a Razorback?

There wasn’t just one favorite part. From the facilities to the coaches to the support staff and especially the fans – all of them contributed to a wonderful experience for me during my time at the University of Arkansas. I was exposed to and given the opportunity to learn a lot during my time there.

When you watch teams compete today, how does it feel to see the Razorback logo?

It obviously brings back many memories for me and makes me excited that the current teams are getting a chance to experience being a Razorback.

What are you doing today?

I am the Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Services at Baylor University.

What qualities as a former student-athlete make you stand out at your current job?

Being a former Razorback student-athlete taught me to work hard at EVERYTHING and realize that there is a standard of excellence once you wear a hog on your chest. I was blessed to gain skills like being a team-player, working with others who were different than me to meet a common goal and learning that hard work pays off no matter what arena you’re in. I’m still rooted in these values today and know they are a reason that I continue to have success in my current job.

What is your favorite tradition?

The HOG CALL! There’s nothing out there like it! When you hear it, everyone automatically knows who it belongs to!

What does “Razorback family” mean to you?

To me, it means that you have proven by your dedication, hard work and perseverance that you are forever a Razorback. That’s something no one can ever take away from you and that will keep you forever connected with MANY people around Arkansas, the country and the world. It feels good to know that the Razorback family reaches so many!

Why do you think it’s important to give back to the Razorbacks?

The U of A has an unparalleled drive to create the best possible situations for student-athletes, so I think we should contribute and try to do the same for the next generation.



460+ Video Feature: James Johnson

Sport: Football
Position: Defensive Tackle and Offensive Guard
Years on the team: 1997-2002
Accolades: Letterman, Four-Time All-SEC Academic 2001-2004, SEC Good Works Graduate Scholarship, Lon Farrell Academic Honor Roll 2001-2004
Academic Major(s): Administrative Management, MBA
Hometown: Hot Springs, Arkansas