Priority Points Frequently Asked Questions - Razorback Foundation Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Razorback Priority Points Program important?

The Razorback Priority Points Program is important because it will help improve overall fairness and equity in the allocation of priority benefits. It will also reward those who have given consistently over significant periods of time, increased their annual giving and made other gifts in support of Razorback Athletics. The program will also help new members obtain seats, based on availability, commensurate with their Annual Fund gifts and overall contributions to the Razorback Foundation.

Priority points are also important because they are the basis for distributing and allocating new/additional season tickets, seat improvements and parking for away, neutral site and postseason game ticket requests.

Why is it necessary to have the Razorback Priority Points Program?

We have always attempted to be fair to all Razorback Foundation members in allocating benefits. In the past, allocation was only based on annual membership level and lifetime giving within each member class. With the new program, we are recognizing additional ways in which donors support athletics while still emphasizing the importance of Annual Fund gifts. With the inclusion of consecutive years of giving and former student-athletes, we are also honoring loyalty and dedication.

What is my rank and how do I rank among others? How can I improve my rank?

Each member's rank will be based on the total number of priority points within their respective membership class compared to all other members in the same class. The best way to improve your ranking status is to move to a higher membership class and/or to increase contributions to the Razorback Foundation. Members can also increase points and rank by continuing to give on an annual basis (consecutive years of giving), creating an endowment, giving to a capital project, etc.

Why do I only get Priority Points for gifts since 1980?

Since the Razorback Foundation began in 1980, using the program with that start date allows the Foundation to be fair and equitable to all members and to use the most accurate data to determine priority points.

Is the Razorback Foundation still using "lifetime giving” as a way to allocate tickets and other benefits?

Yes, lifetime giving is an important factor in the Razorback Priority Points Program and in the allocation of tickets, parking and other benefits. However, it has now been categorized and divided into two separate point categories: Annual Fund gifts and Other Gifts.

How can I improve my seating location(s) at various events including away football games, bowl games and other postseason competitions?

The best way to improve seating location(s) at any Razorback athletic event is to move to a higher membership class by increasing your Annual Fund contributions (example: Wild Hog to Broyles-Matthews Gold). Improving your rank within your membership class will also help improve seating location. All tickets are based on availability.

I have purchased season tickets from another Foundation member and have paid him/her the annual per-seat gift or part of their annual fund gift for the last several years. Do I receive priority points?

The account holder who purchases season tickets from the Razorback Ticket Center receives priority points for all Razorback Foundation gifts associated with season ticket purchases and other gifts under their account. The Razorback Foundation strongly encourages each member and season ticket holder to create his or her own Foundation account and purchase their own season tickets.

Over the years, I have only purchased men's basketball tickets. Can I use my priority points and rank to request available football and/or baseball season tickets?

Yes, new season ticket requests for all ticketed sports will be evaluated using priority points. Current Razorback Foundation members are able to use accrued priority points to request available season tickets to football, baseball and all other season ticketed sports provided they meet the donation guidelines for that sport.

I was a Foundation member many years ago, but my membership has lapsed. Do I still have priority points?

Yes! Priority points will be accrued for all past giving since 1980 (based on available data). However, points for consecutive years of giving will not accrue once your membership has lapsed and will start over once you rejoin the Foundation with a current gift or pledge to the Annual Fund.

Will the gifts I gave solely to women's athletics be calculated in the Priority Points Program?

Based on available data since 1980, all gifts that were made solely to women's athletics will be included and recognized in the Razorback Priority Points Program.

How do I activate my priority points?

Priority points are automatically activated when a current gift to the Annual Fund of $50 or more is received by the Razorback Foundation.

If your question is not answered here, please see the Priority Points Program guidelines or contact the Foundation.