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How Priority Points Work

Determining Your Priority Points

Priority Points are awarded based on available data from the Razorback Foundation and are only awarded for payments received, not pledges.

Each giving category is assigned a specific point value which is added to each member’s point total. Your point values from each category will be combined to create your point total, or rank. Rank is defined as your point total within your Annual Fund membership class. This point total will increase annually based on the criteria below.

Annual Fund Gifts
1 point per $100

As the most critical factor in the Razorback Priority Points Program, gifts to the Annual Fund receive the highest point-to-donation ratio for current Annual Fund members. Annual Fund gifts also determine your membership class and are the lifeblood of the Razorback Foundation, allowing us to assist student-athletes by funding scholarships, updating facilities and providing program enhancements. Annual Fund gifts are any gifts that have been specifically paid to baseball, football, men’s basketball, men’s Olympic sports and women’s sports.


$81,000 of total lifetime giving to the Annual Fund = 810 Priority Points

Consecutive Years of Giving to the Annual Fund
5 points per consecutive year

Our student-athletes rely on the continued support of our members. To reward members’ loyalty and longevity, five points are awarded for each consecutive year of giving to the Annual Fund since 1980. It is important to understand that if a member’s giving lapsed at any point in the past or if giving lapses in the future, points for consecutive years of giving will not be awarded for years prior to the lapse. Instead, the points will be re-calculated from the time a member re-joined the Razorback Foundation with a gift to the Annual Fund.


15 years of consecutive giving to the Annual Fund = 75 Priority Points

Other Gifts
1 point per $100

Other gifts are defined as all non-Annual fund gifts made to the Razorback Foundation. Other gifts include, but are not limited to, capital gifts, endowment gifts, gifts-in-kind, Tusk Fund, Razorback Foundation event sponsorships, etc.


$10,000 given to the Never Yield Campaign = 100 Priority Points

Former Razorback Student-Athlete
25 points, one-time

All former student-athletes at the University of Arkansas will be awarded 25 points, one time.

Priority Points and Benefit Allocation

The extraordinary enthusiasm of the Razorback faithful inspires our teams in the pursuit of excellence in the classroom and in competition. This dedication to the Razorbacks is so strong, in fact, that the demand for premium seating and parking often outweighs the capacity of our facilities. The Razorback Priority Points Program was developed to distribute these limited resources consistently and fairly among Razorback Foundation members.

Annual Fund membership class and rank within each class will determine how the following benefits will be allocated:

  • Season Ticket Priority (new/additional season tickets, upgrades, suites)
  • Parking Priority
  • Away/Neutral Site Game Ticket Priority
  • Postseason Ticket Priority (bowl game, SEC and NCAA tournaments, etc.)
  • Other Razorback Foundation Benefits

To allocate available tickets, parking and other benefits, current Foundation members will be ranked from highest to lowest within their Annual Fund membership class. Based on the order below, available benefits will then be assigned to each member in their respective class:

  • Broyles-Matthews Platinum ($20,000+)
  • Broyles-Matthews Gold ($10,000-$19,999)
  • Broyles-Matthews Silver ($5,000-$9,999)
  • Super Hog ($3,000-$4,999)
  • Wild Hog ($2,000-$2,999)
  • Tush Hog ($1,000-$1,999)
  • Big Hog ($500-$999)
  • Big Red ($100-$499)
  • Razorback ($50-$99)

Important Note – Priority points and rankings are subject to change daily based on gifts received by the Razorback Foundation. For ticket, parking and other benefit allocation purposes, your membership class, accrued points and rank will be “locked” at certain times during the year. A time line designating ticket and parking allocation deadlines for each sport, and a point lock date, will be distributed to all Razorback Foundation members on a per-event basis.

Priority Seating and Parking

Acquiring new or additional season tickets and/or upgrading existing season tickets will be evaluated using the Razorback Priority Points Program in conjunction with the previously established Razorback Foundation guidelines for season ticket holders.

All available parking is allocated using the Razorback Priority Points Program.

Postseason, Single, Away and Neutral Site Tickets

Available postseason, single game, away game and neutral site game tickets are determined by the Razorback Priority Points Program. At times, tickets to these games are exceptionally limited, so membership class and rank within membership class will be key to obtaining tickets.

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How Razorback Priority Points Work