University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor
University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor

University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor

The mission of the University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor is to pay tribute and extend recognition to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the honor and fame of the University of Arkansas and its athletic programs and to showcase the history and tradition of the Razorbacks. Established as a joint venture between Arkansas Athletics, the Razorback Foundation and A Club, the University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor has inducted more than 240 individuals since 1988.

Johnny Adams2003Football
Gary Adams2011Football
Fred Akers1999Football
Lance Alworth1988Football
Shawn Andrews2009Football
Steve Atwater1998Football
Alton Baldwin2001Football/Men's Track & Field
Charles Balentine2013Men's Basketball
Miller Barber1990Men's Golf
Jim Barnes2007Football
John Barnhill1998Athletic Director/Coach - Football
Richard Bell2009Football
Jim Benton1989Football
Jim Bone2001Baseball/Athletic Trainer
Dick Booth2005Coach - Men's Track & Field
Tommy Boyer1999Men's Basketball
Eddie Bradford1998Football
Pat Bradley2014Basketball
Jesse Branch2000Football
Rodney Brand2008Football
Tommy Brasher2008Football
Jackie Brasuell2007Football
Ron Brewer1993Men's Basketball
Maurice Britt1994Football
Bud Brooks1995Football
DeeDee Brown Campbell2015Women's Track & Field
Frank Broyles1988Athletic Director/Coach - Football
Niall Bruton2015Men's Track & Field
Scott Bull2006Football
Dick Bumpass2006Football
Brandon Burlsworth2004Football
Bill Burnett1995Football
Bobby Burnett2000Football
Bo Busby2017Football
Ron Calcagni2009Football
Leon Campbell1991Football
Louis Campbell2017Football
Veronica Campbell Brown2009Women's Track & Field
Bud Canada2003Football
Jerry Carlton2004Football
Bubba Carpenter2010Baseball
Preston Carpenter1996Football
Lew Carpenter2000Football
Ronnie Caveness1999Football
Bob Cheyne1996Sports Information Director
Freddie Childress2015Football
Shameka Christon2014Women's Basketball
Don Christian2013Football
George Cole1989Athletic Director/Coach - Football
Mike Conley1991Men's Track & Field
Jim Counce2009Men's Basketball
Ben Cowins2007Football
Steve Cox2011Football
Robert Cox2014Tennis
Alistair Cragg2009Men's Track & Field
Steve Creekmore Sr.1998Football/Men's Golf
Milan Creighton2010Football
Bobby Crockett2002Football
Jessica Dailey2011Women's Track & Field
Greg D'Alexander2013Baseball
John Daly1994Men's Golf
Calvin Davis2013Men's Track & Field
Todd Day2002Men's Basketball
Norm DeBriyn1991Coach - Baseball
Delmonica Dehorney2000Women's Basketball
Marvin Delph1998Men's Basketball
Chuck Dicus1993Football
Jay Donathan2006Football
Paul Donovan1998Men's Track & Field
Peter Doohan2004Men's Tennis
Deena Drossin2001Women's Track & Field
Troy Eklund2017Baseball
Joe Falcon1996Men's Track & Field
Lon Farrell1997Coach - Football
Joe Ferguson1993Football
Bill Ferrell1994Athletic Trainer/ Coach - Baseball
Bettye Fiscus Dickey1994Women's Basketball
Edrick Floreal2012Men's Track & Field
Megan Flowers Skeels2007Women's Track & Field
Robin Ford2015Women's Diving
Ike Forte2010Football
Barry Foster2013Football
Pat Foster2001Men's Basketball
Bill Fulbright1995Football
Lynn Garner2015Football
Dean Garrett2007Football
Karen Gorham Ableman2010Women's Swimming & Diving
Bill Gray2005Football
Fred Grim2011Men's Basketball
Quinn Grovey2001Football
Edel Hackett2013Women's Track & Field
Roddie Haley2016Men's Track & Field
Ray Hamilton2002Football
Ken Hamlin2017Football
Dan Hampton1991Football
Dave Hanner1991Football
Wayne Harris1989Football
Leotis Harris2005Football
Lance Harter2006Coach--Women's T & F
Scott Hastings2005Men's Basketball
Ken Hatfield1995Football
Sonney Henson2002Football
Howard "Red" Hickey2000Football
Ron Hightower2006Men's Tennis
Madre Hill2017Football
Glen Ray Hines2001Football
Lou Holtz2016Football
Derek Hood2015Basketball
Graham Hood2014Men's Track & Field
Chip Hooper2003Men's Tennis
Harold Horton1997Football
Jim Lee Howell1990Football
Bruce James2008Football
Billy Joe Moody2009Football
Jimmy Johnson1999Football
Harry Jones2004Football
Jerry Jones2004Football
Kenoy Kennedy2014Football
Chin Bee Khoo2017Women's Tennis
Tammy Kincaid Dustin2016Softball
Jeff King2000Baseball
Joe Kleine2000Men's Basketball
Greg Koch2010Football
George Kok1994Men's Basketball
Steve Korte2015Football
Steve Krueger2005Baseball
Jerry Lamb2005Football
Eugene Lambert1996Men's Basketball
Andrew Lang2012Men's Basketball
Gregory Lasker2016Football
Seneca Lassiter2004Men's Track & Field
Almer Lee2011Men's Basketball
Bev Lewis1998Athletic Director/Coach - Women's Track & Field
Stacy Lewis2014Women's Golf
Daniel Lincoln2008Men's Track & Field
Jim Lindsey1997Football
Melvin Lister2017Men's Track & Field
Steve Little1994Football
Mike Loggins2015Baseball
Tim Lollar1995Baseball
Gordon Long1999Football
Ryan Lundquist2008Baseball
Brison Manor2011Football
Fred Marshall2003Football
Wayne Martin2004Football
Wilson Matthews1989Coach - Football
Bruce Maxwell2012Football
Lee Mayberry2004Men's Basketball
Jerry Mazzanti2003Football
Cheryl McArton Ward2013Women's Swimming & Diving
Bill McClard2012Football
John McDonnell1988Coach - Men's Track & Field
Mel McGaha1990Football/Men's Basketball/Baseball
Lamar McHan1993Football
George McKinney2008Football
Kevin McReynolds1989Baseball
Ron Meyer2015Swimming
Gigi Miller Johnson2008Women's Track & Field
Oliver Miller2016Men's Basketball
Sidney Moncrief1988Men's Basketball
Bill Montgomery1996Football
Billy Moore1996Football
Henry Moore1997Football
Cynthia Moore2003Women's Track & Field
Kenderick Moore2016Baseball
Jim Mooty1997Football
Pat Morrison2014Football
Dickey Morton2013Football
Tom Murphy2000Football
Gerald Nesbitt1999Football
Amber Nicholas Shirey2002Women's Basketball
Jack O'Keefe2017Men's Golf
Frank O'Mara1997Men's Track & Field
Niall O'Shaughnessy1994Men's Track & Field
Tom Pagnozzi1999Baseball
Dean Pappas2002Men's Golf
Brendan Pappas2007Men's Golf
Jessica Phelan2011Volleyball
Terry Don Philips2010Football
Loyd Phillips1990Football
Tom Pickell2016Men's Basketball
H.L. Ike Poole1998Football/Men's Basketball
Cliff Powell2001Football
Bobby Proctor2006Football
Tom Pucci2009Men's Tennis
Louis Ramsay2014Football
Johnny Ray1997Baseball
Stanley Redwine1999Men's Track & Field
U.S. Reed2010Men's Basketball
Reuben Reina2001Men's Track & Field
Ronn Reynolds2012Baseball
Clyde Rhoden2012Men's Basketball
Danny Rhodes2016Football
Nolan Richardson1996Coach - Men's Basketball
Jon Richardson2005Football
Jody Rittenhouse White2012Women's Track & Field
Jack Robbins1990Football
Tracy Robertson2010Women's Track & Field
Glen Rose1988Coach - Football & Men's Basketball
Floyd Sagely1997Football
Kevin Scanlon2010Football
Rick Schaeffer2002Sports Information Director
Louie Schaufele2006Football
Wear Schoonover1989Football/Baseball
Clyde Scott1988Football/Men's Track & Field
Pat Serret2011Men's Tennis
Godfrey Siamusiye2011Men's Track & Field
R.H. Sikes1995Men's Golf
Billy Ray Smith Sr.1994Football
Billy Ray Smith Jr.1997Football
Christy Smith2005Women's Basketball
Lisa Sparks Walker2012Women's Track & Field
C.C. Randy Stewart2007Football
Terry Stewart2012Football
Phillip Stidham2007Baseball
Pat Summerall1993Football
Eddie Sutton1995Coach - Men's Basketball
Buddy Sutton2013Football
Barry Switzer1996Football
Melody Sye1996Women's Track & Field
Scott Tabor2003Baseball
Martin Terry2006Men's Basketball
R.C. Thielemann2005Football
Scotty Thurman2007Men's Basketball
Kendall Trainor2015Football
Ronnie Underwood2002Football
Erick Walder2010Men's Track & Field
George Walker1999Football
Jimmy Walker2011Football
Darrell Walker2008Men's Basketball
Tracy Webb Rice2004Women's Basketball
Dean Weber2000Athletic Trainer
Steed White2008Coach - Football
Fred Williams1991Football
Jarrell Williams2001Football
Jim Williams2010Football
Corliss Williamson2003Men's Basketball
Dennis Winston2012Football
Amy Wright2017Women's Basketball
Christin Wurth-Thomas2016Women's Track & Field
Amy Yoder Begley2006Women's Track & Field